Moot Court Committee
Moot Courts are a valuable resource and a great opportunity to vet arguments, refine your presentation, shape your thinking, and get feedback on a variety of aspects regarding your appellate advocacy. The MWELA Moot Court Committee can also provide opportunities for brainstorming sessions with fellow practitioners in advance of filing your final appellate brief. A pre-brief brainstorming session followed by a moot court is a terrific way to fully and effectively prepare for an appeal. Moots are available for all MWELA members. We also welcome requests for moots from non-member plaintiffs with important appellate issues that will affect employees. This will give the MWELA community an additional opportunity to reach out and help shape the law. The Moot Court Committee tracks the names of new and veteran practitioners to be included in the pool of volunteer judges. If you would like to request a moot or volunteer to be a judge, email [email protected]

Chet Levitt Fund
The Chet Levitt Fund for Employment Law is dedicated to ensuring fairness in the workplace by providing financial and other support for important cases to protect employee rights. The Chet Levitt Fund makes small grants to cover specific litigation expenses, such as depositions, expert witnesses, and the printing of appellate records and briefs.

National Employment Lawyers Association
The National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA) advances employee rights and serves lawyers who advocate for equality and justice in the American workplace. MWELA is a local affiliate of NELA. NELA offers its members programming via webinars and regional and annual conferences. NELA sponsors an annual Lobby Day in Washington, DC. The NELA website also includes a find a lawyer search.

NELA’s Employee Rights Advocacy Institute for Law & Policy
The Institute’s mission is to advocate for employee rights by advancing equality and justice in the American workplace.

Workplace Fairness
Workplace Fairness is a non-profit organization that provides information, education, and assistance to individual workers and their advocates nationwide and promotes public policies that advance employee rights. Workplace Fairness’ goals are that workers and their advocates are educated about workplace rights and options for resolving workplace problems and that policymakers, members of the business community, and the public at large view the fair treatment of workers as both good business practice and sound public policy. The website includes information on workplace rights, an attorney search, resources links, and a blog.

Civil Rights Tax Relief Act
This website explains how the Civil Rights Tax Relief Act (CRTRA) solves amended the tax code to eliminates noneconomic damages from gross income and permits income averaging for back pay received in a lump sum.


Workplace Fairness National Employment Lawyers Association
Civil Rights Tax Relief Act Chet Levitt Fund